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Hoveround Power Wheelchair

Hoveround is a known American corporation that distributes and manufactures hoveround brands like hoveround power wheelchair and also they have a line in scooters. The company was founded by Tom Kruse in 1992 and is based at Sarasota, Florida. Their battery-operated products are normally designed to aid mobility in mobility challenged persons to carry their daily activities. The wheelchairs can move around the house easily and makes mobile-related routines easier and makes the users lives comfortable.

Hoveround power wheelchairs are sold directly to the consumers. There are the only power wheelchairs suppliers, who manufacture, deliver, provide repair and services and customise all the wheelchairs they provide to their customers. They usually rely entirely on Direct Mail and Direct Response Television marketing for sales and advertising effort.

The company employs over 500 citizens and covers about 45 U.S states by the end of 2011. They are currently selling the power wheelchairs to their customers directly through their own manufacturing as well as personalized channels of distribution. They offer six different models of power wheelchairs and motorized scooters. They customize them to suit their clients' needs.

As at 2012, the available models of electric wheelchairs include: Teknique FWD, Teknique RWD, Teknique XHD, MPV5 Power Chair, Teknique GT and Teknique HD-6. MPV5 Power Chair is highly manoeuvrable compared to the rest. It has a unique and round design, which enables navigations around sharp corners as well as through narrowed pathways without damaging furniture and walls. It can be operated within indoors or outdoors which give the user high flexibility and more freedom in their mobility.

Teknique FWD is designed to operate in and outside homes. It has a very powerful and stable front-wheel drive, that allows a safe travel along different surfaces, as well as in different environment. It has automatic breaking, which ensures safe operation. It also comes in different colours, which the client can choose from. Teknique XHD is highly manoeuvrable and is definitive bariatric chair for people who need more robust mobility solution. It is designed for a weight of 450 pounds capacity and can run using heavy-duty batteries of 70 amps. It has a wider seat for more comfort with tandem rear wheels for more traction.

Teknique HD-6 is the most comfortable powered wheelchair and has a manoeuvrable mobility of its kind. It has an oversized footplate, which offers more security and heavy-duty support. It has a weight capacity of over 600-pounds. It has a high traction, maximum ridding and stability support to the user. Teknique RWD is designed for use in different terrains. It has the feature that adds support to the swing-away footrest, as well as the rear-wheel drive.

The electric powered wheelchair is ideal for individuals who spend most of their time outdoors. The Teknique GT has a sturdy design combined with custom-contoured seat. The wheelchair is strong enough to manoeuvre safely especially outdoors. It has a superior rear wheel performance, which expands its ability. They also expanded their personal mobility products to include Hoverlift suite. All these products are not covered by any Medicare insurance. They include bathlift, stair chairlift or vehicle/car lift.

The Hoveround power wheelchair, which has a front-wheel drive, is a good example of a power wheelchair. It has an Operator Speed Control, Adjustable Arm Rest, Folding Swivek Seat, Automobile-style Seat, Automatic Battery Charger, Tri-Charge Meter, Cushioned Fending Bumper, Special High-impact Cover Regenerative, Automatic Braking Programmable and many other features, which facilitate mobility.

Most users reviews show that the products have met the durability, easy to use and meet the required expectations to the users. They also meet their clients' style performance and comfort. They carry a maximum weight of 250 pounds capacity and can move at a speed of 3.5 miles per hour. Most of its seats are designed for optimal comfort since the person is expected to sit on it for longer periods of time. They even have a modern look like hoveround MPV5 that is crafted with a contemporary look giving it a modern and attractive look. It also has cabinets' mouldings and protective walls. They also have a great variety of chair accessories to go along with them.

Hoveround wheelchairs are gaining popularity among the elderly people as well, as they facilitate their movement around their houses, malls and parks. The wheelchairs come with the whole warranty and in some cases it may be covered by Medicare coverage. They also have qualified physicians who work closely with the clients to ensure that each and every one of them gets the best wheelchairs for their mobility condition. The power wheelchairs have Cane Holders, Backpacks, Wheelchair Tray Tables, Cup Holders and Canvas Tote Bags.

All these equipments not only improves the quality of the power wheelchair, it also adds convenience, fun and safety to the users ride. Its replacement and accessories include: a Battery Charger, a Replacement Battery, Power Seat Lift, Flat-free Tyres, Yellow Ball Knob, Safety Flag and Collapsible Grabber. The portable battery charger enables one to travel to their different destinations without any worry of running out of power.

It has lifting solutions like: hoverlift for stairs, hoverlift for vehicles and hoverlift for birds. It improves the users quality of life, which gives them more independence. It is an innovative suit for personal wheelchairs and other assertive products, which improves someone's life within and out of their homes. The lifts acts as perfect compliment for the hoveround power wheelchairs and other mobility scooters.

The power wheelchairs have Ramps, which include Single-Fold Wheelchair Ramps, Tri-fold WheelChair Ramps, Threshold Wheelchair Ramps, and Self-Supporting Threshold Ramps. The ramps play many vital roles and also complimentary roles in increasing and renewing mobility, as well as accessibility to the users surrounding and home. They provide maximum support and high level of stability to the power wheelchair. They are also made of; welded construction, durable and lightweight materials to aid the user to safely access unreachable areas like top shelves in malls while using the hoveround power wheelchair. They are easy and fast to install and are in different shapes and sizes to fit different peoples needs.

The wheelchairs can be customised with different positioning aids, which compliment the users riding comfort whether prescribed by a doctor or someone's preference. Positioning aids are necessary in certain aspects like Cushions, Headrest, Elevating Leg rest, Seat, Seat pads, Chest Strap, Power Seat Lift, Lever Extension and Fixed Angle Footrest.

Hoveround Company is committed to providing high quality services to its customers. Their powered wheelchairs are assembled in different customised designs in the factory. The wheelchairs are also ISO certified by the government. They provide different warranty to different designs of wheelchairs. They have a support and service forum with all the questions asked frequently. However if a client doesn't find the complied information useful to their situation, they can contact the technical support specialist through emails.

Hoveround wheelchairs popularity has grown among the elderly people since they aid their movement without the need to stand up. This is because as the person ages, their spinal cord starts to develop complications, which hinders mobility.

Hoveround Power Scooters just like wheelchairs, provide mobility aid to users with mobility challenges. The scooters aid those people who require just a little aid in moving around towns. The hoverounds compact scooter wheelchairs have proven to be durable, smart and affordable to ease transport and provide maximum comfort. They add a lot of fun to the users life by aiding outside movement in different environments and renewing mobility. For more comfort and quality mobility services in life, people should consider using hoveround products like hoveround power wheelchair.

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