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Hoveround Products - Top Five Reasons to Buy

1) Hoveround negotiates with Medicare to get seniors a free power wheelchair. 9 out of 10 Hoveround owners got their Power Chair at little or no cost.
2) Hoveround does all the work for you in getting a power wheelchair!
3) Hoveround work with your doctor to help you fill out all Medicare and insurance paperwork.
4) Hoveround submit the forms on your behalf and follow up as needed.
5) You pay nothing up front if you have qualified supplemental insurance and have met your deductibles. In fact, you may owe nothing at all.

Consumers can get free information on a Hoveround personal mobility vehicle, with no obligation. 90% of Hoveround owners get their vehicles at little or no cost as they accept Medicare and private insurance. Get your free dvd today!

Hoveround Products Review – A Brand to Reckon With

There are many choices when it comes to personal mobility equipments and that is where the confusion arises as to which one would be the best for you. It becomes difficult to choose whether the electric chair or the mobility scooter would be ideal. Moreover, with many mobility-product companies around, selecting the right one is yet another challenge for the individual. In this regard, Hoveround is a brand that has made a name for itself due to its great design, ease of use, quality and the manner in which it has been marketed. The company has an ISO 9001 certification for its manufacturing plant and that is proof that it has invested a great deal of time, effort and money in putting up this plant as well as on the design and distribution of its products.

The cost of a Hoveround is very affordable, all products are reasonably priced. The company also has a selling model wherein it sells directly to consumers and does not have any middlemen. It means total reliability and makes the process of getting the chair pretty simple. The company works hand in hand with most of the insurance companies to ensure that the paperwork is not a problem for patients.

This process of dealing directly with its patients enables the company to work out specific needs of patients by understanding their requirements, customizing equipment for them, taking them through the rehabilitation process and making sure it is there to attend to any problems the patient faces. For this it has in place a good network of therapists, nurses, technology vendors and delivery agents.

Hoveround electric wheelchairs stand out in the manner they cater to almost all types of patients – whether they are recuperating or have to undergo treatment for some time. These electric chairs are best for those who have trouble with their arms and are not able to maneuver normal chairs. They have been designed taking inputs from a whole range of people including NASA scientists. Its round design ensures great maneuverability and the speed has been maintained at a sedate 15 mph to ensure that anybody walking can keep up with the patient.

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